A. verbrugghei



Genus Apogromia De Saedeleer, 1934


Diagnosis: Shell hyaline, small, flask-shaped, with single terminal aperture, with or without a distinct neck; outline circular, sometimes irregular or angular. No septum. Shell composed of an organic material without any embedded xenosomes; color usually yellow-brown till dark-brown. Cytoplasm with symmetrical bundle of granulopodia (peduncle or "Pseudopodienstiel"), very thin, suppressed to the substrate and able to branch and anastomose, thus forming a network or reticulum. Nucleus relatively large, globular with a central nucleolus. One contractile vacuole.


Ecology: freshwater and marine; shallow, ironrich water, Spagnum.


Remarks: the main difference between Microgromia and Apogromia is the presence of a septum in the first one. De Saedeleer describes three species, but I'm unable to distinguish between A. flandriensis and A. lemercieri. The distinction is only based on the visibility of the pseudopodia, which in my opinion isn't very useful as a diagnostic character.


  • Shell spherical or ovoid, symmetrical, with a distinct neck.... Apogromia mucicola
  • Shell asymmetrical, with broad neck...... Apogromia flandriensis
  • Shell pyriform or ovoid, with or without distinct neck...... Apogromia verbrugghei
  • Shell pyriform or ovoid, without distinct neck...... Apogromia spec.
  • Shell balloon-shaped, with tubular neck; neck not fastened to the substrate..... Apogromia spec.
  • Shell balloon-shaped or broad ovoid, without neck.... Apogromia spec.
  • Shell globular or broadly bell-shaped, with short tubular neck.... Apogromia pagei
  • Shell pear-shaped with a wide aperture, with typical Y-shaped pseudopodium stalk.... Apogromia spec.
  • Shell elongated ovoid, like a sausage.... Apogromia spec.


Apogromia spec.

Apogromia verbrugghei

Apogromia spec.