Ditrema spec.with numerous extrusomes very close to each other



Genus Ditrema De Saedeleer, 1934


Diagnosis: Shell hyaline, small, with one side fastened to the substrate; outline circular, irregular. Shell with two opposite apertures, each with a short neck. Pseudopodia granular, fine, extending along the substrate. Nucleus globular with a central nucleolus.

One described species: Ditrema mukrous De Saedeleer, 1934


Ditrema longicollis

Ditrema longicollis, the same as above

Ditrema mukrous

Ditrema spec.

Ditrema mukrous - Ferry Siemensma

Compared with the specimen in the first photomicrograph there is much more distance between the granules 

Ditrema mukrous

Ditrema mukrous