Centropyxis constricta



Centropyxis constricta (Ehrenberg, 1841) Penard, 1890


Diagnosis: shell of medium size, very variable in size and shape, usually more than 100 µm in length, elliptical or sometimes broad ovoid in front view, more or less flattened; aperture at the border of the shell, eccentric, largely elliptic or nearly circular, deeply invaginated; shell covered with closely-set sand grains and/or diatoms, giving a grey color to the test; fundus sometimes with some larger mineral grains.


Dimensions: literature 90-150 µm


Ecology: mosses and Sphagnum.


Centropyxis constricta Penard

After Deflandre, 1929
Centropyxis constricta side view
Centropyxis constricta side view