Centropyxis plagiostoma
Centropyxis plagiostoma
Centropyxis plagiostoma, 64 µm, Germany, moss on tree (left image stacked)



Centropyxis plagiostoma Bonnet & Thomas, 1955


Diagnosis: Shell almost circular in ventral and dorsal view, usually slightly broader than long, about half as deep as broad, anterior portion more distinctly flattened than posterior; greyish or colorless, not transparent; composed of flat quartz particles more rough on posterior and dorsal than on ventral surface, which appears rather smooth and covered by thin organic layer. Pseudostome in anterior half of ventral surface, i.e. eccentric, transverse-elliptical to almost circular, with irregular edge often completely or partially covered by knobby quartz particles ("dents"); distinctly invaginated, preoral portion abruptly curved, ventral surface flat and gradually inclined.


Dimensions: literature 56-102 µm


Ecology: mosses and Sphagnum.