Class Discosea Cavalier-Smith, 2004 em. Smirnov et al, 2011


Diagnosis: Flattened naked amoebae, never producing tubular, subcylindrical pseudopodia and never altering the locomotive form. Cytoplasmic flow polyaxial or without a pronounced axis. No flagellate stage in the life cycle; subpseudopodia, if present, short, never both pointed and branched.



Subclass Flabellinia Smirnov et al. 2005, em. Smirnov and Cavalier-Smith 2011

Diagnosis: Flattened amoebae, generally fan-shaped, discoid or irregularly triangular, never with pointed subpseudopodia or centrosomes.


Subclass Longamoebia Cavalier-Smith and Smirnov 2011

Diagnosis: Flattened amoebae, elongated; with pointed subpseudopodia and centrosomes in one order.



The diagrams below show morphotypes of locomotive forms of Discosea:

Smirnov et al. (2011), A Revised Classification of Naked Lobose Amoebae

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