Lecythium hyalinum
Lecythium hyalinum
Lecythium hyalinum, 44 µm



Genus Lecythium Hertwig & lesser, 1874


Diagnosis: test round, lenticular or pyriform, a highly flexible, colorless, hyaline membrane that follows the size changes of the cytoplasma during feeding or starvation; aperture usually between folds and flexible; plasma fills the test completely; nucleus vesicular or ovular; filopodia usually few, long and straight, branching and anastomosing. Longitudinal division.


Dimensions: mostly small species.


Ecology: common in different types of water; feeding on algae and bacteria.


Remarks: Nucleus and pseudostome are difficult to observe, the latter is usually a small hole between folds.


Four observed species:



Lecythium hyalinum

Lecythium hyalinum, with lamellipodia, branching and anastomosing filopodia