Trichamoeba sinuosa
Trichamoeba sinuosa, 170 µm



Genus Trichamoeba Fromentel, 1874


Diagnosis: active locomotion form limax-like, regularly monopodial, slender to broad and thick, most between 75 and 250 µm in length; bulbous uroid or with short villi, some with fine filaments; floating form, where known,  with radiating blunt pseudopodia; nucleus usually granular, with nucleoli arranged peripherally; normally uninucleate; cytoplasm often with bipyramidal crystals.

Type species: Trichamoeba hirta (Fromentel, 1974)


Ecology: Freshwater and marine.


Key to the species:



Locomotive form usually > 150 µm 2


Locomotive form usually < 150 µm T. cloaca


Amoeba slender, with a zigzag movement T. sinuosa


Amoeba broad elliptical or ovoid T. myakka