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Acanthocystis taurica
from Mikrjukov, 2002

Acanthocystis taurica  Mikrjukov, 1997

Diagnosis: Cells with a diameter of 23-30 µm, periplast represented by plate-scales and spine-scales of one type. Spine-scales with a length of 3.0-5.5 µm, with a large basal plate with a diameter of 1.8-2.1 µm. Apices of the spine-scales bear four to six marginal teeth. Plate-scales elliptical, 2.8-4.0 X 2.0-2.6 µm, with a poorly pronounced axial thickening and small granularity.

Ecology: Freshwater. Ukraine and Russia.

Ferry Siemensma, created March 2, 2019; last modified January 31, 2021
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