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Bullinularia indica
Bullinularia indica, 173 µm, with c. 30 pores

Bullinularia indica (Penard, 1907) Deflandre, 1953
Basionym: Bulinella indica Penard, 1907

Diagnosis: Shell dark brown, opaque, elliptical in oral view, attached siliceous particles; ventral surface flattened, smooth; hemispherical in lateral view; aperture a long curving slit, ventral lip prolonged, dorsal lip with small or larger pores; nucleus vesicular.

Dimensions: Penard (1907): 170-200 µm; my measurements: 146-173 µm.

Ecology: dry mosses, sphagnum, soil; herbivorous.

Bullinularia indica
Bullinularia indica, with three pores visible (arrows) and the  elongated 8-shaped pseudostome – Tirol, Austria
Bullinularia indica
Bullinularia indica, 146 µm
Bullinularia indica
Bullinularia indica, lateral view
Bullinularia indica
Bullinularia indica, – SEM from Ogden & Hedley, 1980
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