Centropyxis bonneti


C. bonneti, after Haager, 1969



Centropyxis bonneti  (Bonnet et Thomas, 1960) Haager et Haagerova, 1970


Diagnosis: Test broad oval, smaller and broader as with C. sylvatica; test embedded with small mineral particles; strongly developed cryptostome: posterior part of outer elliptical aperture invaginated and thus forming a closed wall between body and visor with only a small hole, the real pseudostome. The anterior part of the outer aperture is strongly curved. Posterior part of the test almost spherical. Color brown till dark brown.


Dimensions: Length of test: 69-72 µm, breadth: 66-70 µm, height: 45-48 µm, outer aperture: 14-15 X 36-38 µm, inner aperture 10-12 µm.

Ecology: Freshwater and soil, central Europe.