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Clathrella foreli, locations where I’ve found Clathrella species

I’ve found Clathrella species at several locations:

  • ditch in Ankeveen, the Netherlands, sporadic, between 1975 and 2000;
  • my tropical aquarium (c. 1985);
  • dice-shaped specimens in sediment of the Neerbeek-stream in the southern part of the Netherlands (2011);
  • large specimens on aquatic plants in a lagoon in the Peruvian rainforest (2012);
  • large specimens in two ditches around the Naardermeer, south and north, the Netherlands (2012);
  • small specimens in a ditch in the Laegieskamp, the Netherlands (2012);
  • many large specimens in a small lake at Lolo Pass, Montana, USA (2013);
  • large specimens in a sample from a pond in Wellington, Florida, USA (2014);
  • small specimens in a pond near Kootwijk (2014);
  • small specimens in a pond near Huizen (2014);
  • large specimens in floating sediments, Crailoo (2014);
  • small specimens in a small stream in Bretagne, France (2015);
  • small specimens near Kornwerderzand, in the IJsselmeer (2015);
  • three diferent species in the Waterleiding Dunes, the Netherlands (2015);
  • small specimens in the Heelsumse Beek (2015).
  • Lotus pond in China (2015), small and large specimen.
  • Glacial stream, El Chalten, Patagonia, Argentina (2017)

It seems that this species has a world wide distribution as it is known from Europe and North- and South-America and also Japan (see the copy of a page of the Japanese website ( below, where Clathrella erroneously has been identified as Hedriocystis reticulata.) The species has also been found in India (Anagha Datar, pers. comm., 2015)

Ferry Siemensma, created March 3, 2019; last modified January 31, 2021
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