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Cryptodifflugia splendida
Cryptodifflugia splendida, after Schönborn, 1965

Cryptodifflugia splendida  (Schönborn, 1965) Page, 1966
Difflugiella splendida Schönborn, 1965

Diagnosis: Shell ovoid in lateral view, transparent, yellow, shell surface deeply pitted. The aperture is circular.

Dimensions: Shell length 23.8–27.2 μm, shell width 16.0–23.8 μm, aperture diameter 5–6 μm.

Ecology and distribution: Lakes, in thickets of Typha. Poland, Germany.

Reference: Bobrov, A., Mazei, Y., 2017. A review of testate amoeba genus Cryptodifflugia Penard, 1890 (Phryganellina: Cryptodifflugiidae) with a key to species. Zootaxa 4282 (2): 292–308.

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