Cyclopyxis acmodonta - from Nicholls, 2005



Cyclopyxis acmodonta Nicholls, 2005


Diagnosis: Test constructed of agglutinated microscopic quartz granules and in side view with a flattened ventral surface and domed dorsal surface. Ventral surface with a centrally located and irregularlyshaped oral aperture (pseudostome) about 1⁄2 the test diameter and composed of from three to seven lobes or indentations. Margin of the pseudostome ornamented with many sharp-pointed tooth-like granules. Test diameter, 188-298 µm; test height, 150-217 µm; widest opening in pseudostome (between distal lobes), 75-143 µm. Pseudostome only slightly invaginated relative to the surrounding ventral surface of the test.


Dimensions: Diameter of shell  188-298 µm; height of shell 150-217 µm; diameter of aperture 75-143 µm.


Ecology: Forest bog (Sphagnum moss dominated small pool) near the upper Beaver River, Ontario Canada.