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Cyphoderia dividing

Cyphoderia  dividing

I have observed several shells which were dividing. I have only once seen that both shells had the same shape, but that could be a matter of coincidence. Usually one shell had a pointed fundus, while the other shell had a rounded or flattened fundus.

One of the nuclei moves into the new build shell; it’s passing both pseudostomes. See detail below.
Nucleus moving into the new build shell (n=nucleus)
Cyphoderia ampulla
Cyphoderia ampulla in division; the left specimen is the old shell; the younger cell doesn’t have a mammilated fundus.
Cyphoderia ampulla
Two other specimens: the right one is the older cell; one nucleus is moving to the younger shell to the left. This travel lasted for more than half an hour.
Cyphoderia ampulla
Cyphoderia ampulla
Ferry Siemensma, created March 3, 2019; last modified June 11, 2021
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