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Deharvengia papuensis
Deharvengia papuensis, after Bonnet, 1979

Deharvengia papuensis  Bonnet, 1979

Diagnosis: Theca large, ovoid, very regular, colorless. Elliptical pseudostome bordered by a thick yellowish lip or rim and surmounted by a small visor formed of some siliceous plates. Test with large regularly spaced elliptical plates with clear lateral and longitudinal overlap. In general, 7 transverse rows and 6 longitudinal rows are simultaneously visible. The pseudostomal region has smaller and irregularly placed plates, on the edge bored into the lip. Plates of the visor are a little smaller than those of the body, consolidated by some small siliceous discs.

Dimensions: Length 102 µm; width 51 (n=18); large plates 22.5×13.1 µm; small discs 5-6 µm.

Ecology: Soil, Papua New Guinea.

Ferry Siemensma, created July 22, 2019; last modified February 28, 2021
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