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Difflugia baradlana
D. baradlana after Varga, 1963

Difflugia baradlana Varga, 1963

Diagnosis: Test ovoid with a very small neck which is about 1/4 of the test length. Pseudostome circular, bordered by very small mineral grains.

Dimensions: Length 98-102 µm, width 46 µm, pseudostome 18-19 µm.

Ecology: Freshwater. Dessewffy-spring, Hungary.

Remarks: It is striking that the drawings do not fully correspond to the stated dimensions. Calculations based on the drawings give the following dimensions: if the average length is 100 µm, then the pseudostome on both drawings is 12.5-12.8 µm, and the width 38-45 µm. This means that the drawings give a distorted picture of the proportions. Actually, the shells should be drawn a little bit wider and the pseudostome 50% wider, see the corrections below.

Difflugia baradlana
D. baradlana Left: after Varga, 1963, right: after correction
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