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Difflugia bryophila
Difflugia bryophila, 117-127 µm, all from the same sample; left: from Penard, 1902.

Difflugia bryophila (Penard, 1902) Jung, 1942

Diagnosis: Shell transparent, colorless; pyriform or elongated ovoid with the sides usually tapering evenly to the aperture; shell composed of a mixture of small to medium pieces of quartz and occasionally fragments of diatom frustules and some small siliceous plates; open network of organic cement. Aperture circular and surrounded by small pieces of quartz. No zoochlorellae.

Dimensions: Penard (1902): Length on average 100 µm; Jung (1942): Length 94-128 µm; my measurements: 117-127 µm.

Ecology: Fresh water and mosses. Probably cosmopolitan.

Ferry Siemensma, created February 23, 2019; last modified August 10, 2021
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