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Difflugia claviformis
D. claviformis, after Penard, 1899

Difflugia claviformis (Penard, 1899)
Basionym: Difflugia pyriformis var. claviformis Penard, 1899

Diagnosis: Shell subpyriform, not compressed; straight or a little curved; fundus with an aboral protuberance or shaped like a gothic arch. Composed of large, flat pieces of quartz, but pseudostome surrounded by much smaller particles. Nucleus large, with numerous small nucleoli. Zoochlorellae never present.

Dimensions: Penard (1902): length 380-450 µm; nucleus 50 µm.

Ecology: In freshwater sediment.

Remarks: Shells of Difflugia claviformis seem to be rare. Penard found his specimens only in Lake Geneva, at a depth of 20-30 m. He described his form as non compressed and without zoochlorellae.

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