Difflugia maxilabiosa


D. maxilabiosa - after Chardez, 1985



Difflugia maxilabiosa Chardez, 1985


Diagnosis: Test ovoid, elongated, posterior part more or less narrowed, without forming a point; pseudostome circular, truncated right with a very light collar without lobe, the edge does not turn outward; test covered with polymorphic mineral chips and small stony particles.


Dimensions: Height 350-363 μm, Diameter = 264-277 μm, Pseudostome = 145-151 μm.


Ecology: sediment of lakes and ponds (Virelles, Hainaut, Belgium).




Chardez, D. (1985): Observations sur la Repartition des Thecamoebiens dans un Lac - Acta Protozool., 24:3-4,217-223.