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Difflugia microstoma
Difflugia microstoma, after Thomas, 1954

Difflugia microstoma  (Thomas, 1954) Ogden, 1983

Diagnosis: Test ovoid or hemispherical, built from small and medium flattened mineral grains and cusps of diatoms. Xenosomes are laid in such a way that a smooth surface is formed. Pseudostome round, surrounded by a small collar of mineral grains.

Dimensions: Thomas (1954): Length 68-86 µm; Ogden (1983): Length 76-105 µm, width 63-83 µm, apertural diameter 18-29 µm.

Ecology: Freshwater. Sediment and in Sphagnum. Europe.

Difflugia microstoma
Difflugia microstoma
D. microstoma, 53 µm; Odenwald, Germany
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