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Difflugia penardi
Difflugia penardi, after Hopkinson, 1909

Difflugia penardi Cash and Hopkinson, 1909
Synonym: Difflugia fallax Penard, 1890 (pars)

Diagnosis: Shell short, with a semi-circular dome, tapering convexly downwards from the fundus to the truncated aperture. Thin in texture, usually studded with diatom-frustules, but frequently incrusted with minute sand-grains.

Dimensions: Cash and Hopkinson (1909): Length 60-85 µm, width about 30 µm.

Ecology: Fresh water, Sphagnum. Europe.

Remarks: This species was originally described by Penard (1890) as Difflugia fallax, but that name had already been preoccupied by Ehrenberg (1871) for his D. fallax. Therefore, Cash and Hopkinson (1909) replaced the name “fallax” with “penardi”, but they also note that their species is only partially (“pars”) identical to Penard’s. Where D. fallax measures 40-60 µm, D. penardi is a little larger, 60-85 µm.

Ferry Siemensma, created June 14, 2019; last modified August 06, 2021
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