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Difflugia claviformis
Difflugia “pseudoclaviformis”, front and side view, 424 µm

Difflugia “pseudoclaviformis”

Diagnosis: Shell pyriform, compressed, with a more or less pronounced aboral protuberance; shell composed of small to large pieces of quartz; pseudostome surrounded by smaller particles. With zoochlorellae. Nucleus large, with more or less spherical nucleoli, most of them layered in the periphery, but also in the center.

Dimensions: My measurements: length 380-434 µm; nucleus about 50 µm in diameter.

Ecology: In sediments of ditches.

Remarks: Shells of this species or variety are rare. I found this species only in the sediment of a ditch in the nature reserve Naardermeer in the Netherlands. I am not convinced that this is a separate species. I always found it together with specimens of Difflugia nodosa. Probably both species are identical. Further records are necessary. This species or variety differs from D. claviformis by its compressed shell.

Difflugia claviformis
Tests 412 and 403 µm high; Naardermeer, Netherlands.
Difflugia claviformis
Shell from the same location as the ones above, but with faint protuberance.
Ferry Siemensma, created September 21, 2021; last modified September 21, 2021
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