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Difflugia quangtrani
Difflugia quangtrani, after Tran et al., 2022

Difflugia quangtrani Tran et al., 2022

Diagnosis: The symmetric shell is divided into two distinct parts including a globular main body and a short neck. The shell surface is covered by fine sand grains. The circular aperture is small with thick apertural rim which represents a continuation of the main shell wall in the apertural plane.
The shell is relatively large, radially symmetrical, ovoid or pyriform in lateral view, with a distinct short neck and globular fundus. The cross-section of the shell is circular. The shell surface is covered by fine sand grains with irregular outline. The shell color is yellow–brown to black. The aperture is terminal, circular with irregular outline, smaller than the diameter of the neck because it is located on the shell wall that continues to the apertural plane with thick apertural rim with a diameter of approximately-one third of the total body width. The length of shell neck is nearly-one fourth of the shell length.

Dimensions: Shell length 96–179 µm; shell diameter 64–138 µm; neck length 18–46 µm; diameter of apertural rim 20–47 µm.

Ecology: Freshwater environments in Vietnam (type loc.: river Tam Ky (15°34.317 ́ N 108°31.337 ́ E), Quang Nam province).

Ferry Siemensma, created December 30, 2023; last modified December 30, 2023
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