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Difflugia n.sp.
Shells 85 and 93 µm long, one with a collar and neck

Difflugia spec.

Diagnosis: Test ovoid, sometimes with a short collar; test circular in cross-section, usually composed of small and medium pieces of quartz; pseudostome circular. Cytoplasm with a number of relatively large dark truncated bi-pyramid crystals. Nucleus spherical, with granular nucleolar material.

Dimensions: My measurements: Length 83 – 98 µm; Width 58 – 65 µm; L/W ratio 1.4-1.6 (n=6); nucleus 28-31 µm (n=2)

Ecology: In sediment of the Miljacki Cave in Croatia (collected by Najla Baković, 2018).

Remarks: This species is characteristic by its dark large crystals resembling those in Cyphoderia species.
This species could be identical with D. lithophila.

Difflugia n.sp.
Pressed and squeezed test, showing the large crystals.
Difflugia spec.
Notice the dark cytoplasm, due to the crystals.
Difflugia spec.
Difflugia spec.
Nucleus, 31 µm, and pseudostome
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