Euglypha cabrolae
Euglypha cabrolae - SEM: Leonardo D. Fernández (University of Concepción, Chile)



Euglypha cabrolae (De Smet and Gibson, 2009)


Diagnosis: Shell ovoid, thick-set, length/width ratio 1.4; cross-section and aperture circular; size relatively small, 3-4 rows of apertural plates, apertural plates of first row more or less lozenge-shaped, oral margin with median teeth and 5-6 smaller lateral teeth; body-plates scutiform, broad, with weakly crenelated oral and aboral margin; two spines, appendix of body plates.


Dimensions: L 55-75 µm, mean 69 µm, B. 36-56 µm, mean 48 µm.


Remarks: This species was originally described as Scutiglypha cabrolae.


Literature: De Smet and Gibson (2009)