Flabellula spec.
Flabellula spec.
Flabellula spec. with typical nucleus, right: normal locomotion - fresh water



Genus Flabellula Schaeffer, 1926 emend. Smirnov et al., 2016


Diagnosis: Amoebae in locomotion flattened, flabellate, with prominent anterior hyaloplasm irregularly triangular or fan-shaped. Limax form adopted only under unfavourable conditions. Uninucleate or possessing few nuclei. Ultrastructure: In the SSU rDNA sequence remarkable insertion of ca. 35 nucleotides starting from the position 260 and deletion of ca. 15 nucleotides starting from the position 776 (in the sequence EU852652 Flabellula baltica strain SMA17/I) (against sequences of Leptomyxa spp. and Rhizamoeba spp.).

Type species: Flabellula citata Schaeffer, 1926


Ecology: Known species from marine habitats. I found several species in freshwater.


Known species:

F. citata Schaeffer, 1926 

F. calkinsi (Hogue, 1914) Bovee, 1965

F. pellucida Schaeffer, 1926

F. demetica Page, 1980

F. trinovantica Page, 1980

F. baltica Smirnov, 1999

F. kudoi (Singh et Hanumaiah, 1979) Smirnov, 2016

F. reniformis (Schmoller, 1964) Smirnov, 2016

F. hoguae  Sawyer, 1975

F. pomeranica Kudryavtsev, 2016


Flabellula spec.
Uroid with rodlike filaments
Flabellula spec.
Note the forked pseudopod on the left
Normal locomotion form (Olympus UPlanFL 100X)
Spherical nucleus with eccentric nucleolus
Typical dendroid uroidal structures