Heterophrys myriopoda
Heterophrys myriopoda, 61 µm



Heterophrys myriopoda Archer, 1869, emend. Mikrjukov, 1996


Diagnosis: Cells 35-70 µm in diameter, surrounded by a mucous coat. Spicules are radial, numerous, length is ca. a half of the cell diameter, tapering remarkably from bases towards sharp apices. The cytoplasm often contains algal symbionts.


Ecology: Fresh water.


Hetrophrys myriopoda
The same cell as above
Heterophrys myriopoda
Dried specimen with the spicula clearly visible. The same specimen as below.
Heterophrys myriopoda
Specimen with zoochlorellae, the same specimen as dried above.