Vexillifera spec.


Genus Vexillifera Schaeffer, 1926


Diagnosis: Locomotive form frequently triangular in outline, often ranging from about 10 to 70 urn in length. Slender subpseudopodia, never branching, extend well beyond the anterior edge. In Vexillifera, pseudopodia are sometimes carried posteriorly giving the amoeba an overall spiny appearance. Cytoplasm sometimes containing a few crystals. Uninucleate, usually with a central nucleolus. No cysts reported. At the ultrastructural level, cell surface usually covered in hexagonal glycostyles. This surface structure distinguishes Vexillifera from amoebae in the morphologically similar family Paramoebidae.
At least 16 named species from freshwater and marine habitats.
Type species: Vexillifera lemani Page, 1976.




A-D Vexillifera lemani; E-N V. bacillipedes (Ferry Siemensma, 1981)