Lacogromia cassipara
Lacogromia, typical shape


Genus Lacogromia Siemensma et al., 2017


Diagnosis: Test elongated to broadly pyriform or lens- or spindle-shaped, with a layer of small siliceous xenosomes and usually with some organic particles of debris. Test colorless or yellowish to almost black; aperture straight or oblique; test up to 1000 µm long. Usually with 1-8 nuclei, sometimes up to 30. Nuclei spherical, ovular.

Typespecies: Lacogromia cassipara

Lacogromia squamosa (Penard, 1899)
Lacogromia brunneri (Blanc, 1886)
Lacogromia palustris (Thomas, 1961)


Ecology: Freshwater


Lacogromia cassipara
Lacogromia cassipara
This photomicrograph shows the entosolenian tube, an internal tube through which the cytoplasm streams out of the test.
Lacogromia cassipara
Detail of the above test; Pe = peduncle; small arrows: entosolenian tube.
Lacogromia cassipara
Detail of another surface, more enlarged