Genus Lithocolla Schulze, 1874


Diagnosis: cell surrounded by a layer of small irregular mineral grains, fixed on a thin flexible membrane; numerous fine smooth filopodia, without any granules (kinetocysts) which are so typical for true helizoans; plasmabody usually with a reddish or yellowish colour. Nucleus vesicular with central nucleolus. Fast movement.


Ecology: I have sampled Lithocolla-species in the marshes of Kortenhoef, in a small river in Neer, in the southern part of the Netherlands and in a shallow pond in a salt marsh on the island of Schiermonnikoog.


Remarks: The taxonomic status of this genus is uncertain. It is probably close related to nucleariid filose amoebae.


Two species:


Layer thick, with relatively large particles; reddish color: Lithocolla globosa

Layer thin, with small particles; plasma yellowish: Lithocolla flavescens



Lithocolla spec. - Photomicrograph Eckhard Voelcker