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Longinebela spec.
Longinebela spec., n=nucleus, p=pores – permafrost, Nuuk, Greenland (collected by Maria Holzmann, 2018)

Longinebela sp.

Diagnosis: Test compressed, elongated pyriform with a relatively long neck and with bulges around the two lateral pores. Nucleus with some spherical nucleoli,

Dimensions: Test L: 212 µm (n=1).

Ecology: permafrost, in wet Sphagnum vegetation

Remarks: I found one single specimen in a sample provided to me by Maria Holzmann. The sample was relatively poor in testate amoeba shells. Other related species were P. carinata and L. tubulosa.

Longinebela spec.
Longinebela spec., permafrost, Nuuk, Greenland (collected by Maria Holzmann, 2018)
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