Paralieberkuehnia elegantula
Paralieberkuehnia sp.



Paralieberkuehnia sp.


Diagnosis: All species with a spherical, colorless, hyaline smooth test, without any xenosomes; pseudostome with a small neck. Nucleus spherical but often distorted. Cells aggregate to capture food particles.


Dimensions: diameter 19-21 µm, length including neck 25 µm. Nucleus 7-8 µm (n=7)


Ecology: small forest pond, bordered with Sphagnum (Hollandse Rading, the Netherlands).


Remarks: I observed a group of three aggregated cells which divided within some hours, resulting in a "colony" of six cells.


Paralieberkuehnia spec
Paralieberkuehnia sp., 23 µm