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Plagiopyxis parvoblonga
Plagiopyxis parvoblonga, after Bonnet, 1986

Plagiopyxis parvoblonga Bonnet, 1986

Diagnosis: Test small, simple cryptostome, colorless, with regular outline. In dorsal view, elliptical shape (length/width ratio close to 1.3). Aboral tip may be blunt or truncate transversely, but indistinctly. In ventral view, large sole. Arched pseudostome located in the anterior 1/5 and occupying between half and 3/4 of the width. In lateral view, relatively high test (height/width = 0.7), often bulging in the anterior region. Dorsal wall falling more or less gradually, not abruptly, towards the posterior end. Ventral lip extending the plane of the sole without folding inwards, and little covered by the dorsal lip (weak cryptostomy). Irregular plates of amorphous silica. Colorless cement. At the aboral end, frequent presence of quartz fragments forming a “stony” bead.

Dimensions: Length 49-79 µm; width 37-63 µm; dorso-ventral (height) 31-43 µm.

Ecology: Soil.

Ferry Siemensma, created February 10, 2023; last modified July 25, 2023
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