Protocucurbitella mitrata
after Chardez, 1987


Protocucurbitella mitrata Chardez, 1987

= Netzelia mitrata (Chardez, 1987) new comb.


Diagnosis: Test broad, circular in cross section, with rounded flanks accumulating towards the bottom in a more or less pronounced point. The circular pseudostome is bordered by stony elements forming an irregular denticulation, under which, in apical view, a diaphragm is visible, leaving an opening of a very large diameter. The coating is formed of polymorphous mineral plates with little overflow.


Dimensions: Height 166-190 µm ; diameter 127-130 µm ; diameter of the pseudostome 75-84 µm.


Ecology: muddy sapropel, bottom of large water features (Lake Virelles, Belgium).