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Pseudawerintzewia calcicola
P. calcicola after Bonnet, 1959

Pseudawerintzewia calcicola  Bonnet 1959

Diagnosis: Test pyriform, dark brown, in cross section circular; The wall is gradually thicker towards the pseudostomal pole. Pseudostome elliptical, often closed by an chitinous epiphragm which has the same color as the test. Test covered with amorphous siliceous particles embedded in chitinous cement.

Dimensions: Length 70 µm, width 55 µm; pseudostome 20 x 12 µm.

Ecology: In calcareous soils. France (Bonnet, 1959).

Reference: Bonnet, L. (1959): Nouveaux Thécamoebiens du Sol. Bull Soc. D’Histoire Nat. de Toulouse, 94: 177-180.

Pseudawerintzewia calcicola
Pseudawerintzewia calcicola – from Meisterfeld, 2002
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