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Pyxidicula patens var.
Pyxidicula ornata (from Balik, 1994)

Pyxidicula ornata  Bartos, 1954

Diagnosis: Shell rounded with a moderate undulated rim from ventral view, hat-like from side view. The shapeable shell constituted only of organic matter, shell surface coarse-grained (rim fine grained). On the vault part of the shell there are hemispherical little depressions in irregular radial rows. These depressions touch each other or are separate. Shell translucent, colorless or rusty brown. Aperture large, circular, with undulated rim, can change its shape or size.

Dimensions: Balik: diameter of the shell 184-209 µm, height of the shell 89-108 µm, aperture 126-161 µm, width of the undulated rim 17-26 µm, diameter of the depression 7-11 µm (n = 5).

Ecology: Wet mosses and Sphagnum, Bohemia (Bartos, 1954), Svalbard (Balik, 1994), Slovakia (Hajkova et al, 2012).

Ferry Siemensma, created March 2, 2019; last modified March 10, 2021
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