Telaepolella tubasferens - from Lahr et al, 2012



Genus Telaepolella Lahr et al., 2012


Diagnosis: Multi-nucleated freshwater naked amoeba with fine, sometimes branching pseudopodia and rapid cytoplasmic movement. Fan-shaped hyaloplasm with shorter pseudopodia and thinner, longer trailing pseudopodia during locomotion. Trumpet-shaped microtubular structures of unknown function distributed at varying angles throughout the cytoplasm, and particularly near the periphery. Produces hyaline cysts.

Etymology: Telaepolella in reference to the dynamically moving cytoplasm, which resembles the busy network of roads in large cities Gr. telae = net, polis = city, plus the diminutive feminine suffix ella.

Type-species: Telaepolella tubasferens.


Literature: Lahr et al. 2012.


Telaepolella tubasferens - from Lahr et al, 2012