Turriplaca minima (Nicholls, 2013)


Diagnosis: Cells about 15 µm in diameter. Plate-scales circular/elliptical, 2.0-2.3 x 3.3-3.6 µm; distal surface ornamented with 5-10 large holes (0.35-0.45 µm in diameter). Spine-scales, 0.6-0.9 µm long with a floral-like terminus consisting of a funnel-like opening with a scalloped rim (6-14 well-developed rounded denticles) and divided by 0-2 internal septa creating 1-3 separate cavities leading to the hollow center of the spine shaft. Base of the spine swollen with 6-8 circular depressions at the bottom of which may be a small (0.05 µm) hole through to the hollow center of the spine.


Ecology: Marine. Type locality: Pacific Ocean beach near Gillatt (Grassy) Island, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands, British Colµmbia, Canada (53.241ON, 131.898OW).