Vannella lata
Vannella lata, 40 µm broad, Peru, rainforest



Vannella lata Page, 1988


Diagnosis: Breadth almost always greater than length, never less; length/breadth ratio 0.5-1.0 (mean 0.6), hyalosplasm commonly extending around sides; floating form often with about 8 tapering, pointged pseudopodia, whose length may exceed 3 times the diameter of the central mass, but many floating cells without pseudopodia; nucleus vesicular with central nucleolus.
Ultrastructure: a few simple filaments amongst glycostyles.


Dimensions: 24-46 µm (mean 33 µm); nucleus 3.7-6.5 µm (mean 5.1 µm).


Ecology: Freshwater, not rare.


Vannella lata