Limnofila longa
Limnofila longa, peat bog, Austria.



Limnofila longa Bass and Cavalier-Smith, 2009


Diagnosis: Cells roughly ovoid to circular, usually with a slightly angular outline, 2/3-5 long filopodia of varying lengths (5-20 times cell diameter) emerge from the cell body, sometimes at radially regular intervals; branch more than in L. anglica; no anastomosis. Filopodial granules not as evenly spaced as in L. anglica; can differ strongly in density- spacing often at intervals equal to or greater than cell diameter. Cell and filopodia remain in contact with substrate; immotile and solitary; no flagellate stage or cysts seen.


Dimensions: cells 6-12 µm in diameter.  My measurements: 3-6 µm in diameter.


Ecology: Bacterivorous. Often closely associated with clumps of bacteria or detritus, making it difficult to see.


Limnofila cf longa Kootwijk
Limnofila longa
Limnofila longa - peat bog, Austria