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Galeripora naiadis
G. naiadis – after González-Miguéns et al., 2021

Genus Galeripora González-Miguéns, Soler-Zamora, Villar-dePablo, Todorov & Lara, 2021

Diagnosis: Tests built exclusively with proteinaceous organic material. Shape more or less campanulate, with a central and circular aperture and radial symmetry. The aperture is surrounded by pores. The ultrastructure of the test is composed of hexagonal units that are at least partially covered with an organic matrix layer. Commonly, two or more nuclei, situated at opposite sides of the cytoplasm.

Type species: Galeripora sitiens González-Miguéns, Soler-Zamora, Villar-dePablo, Todorov & Lara, 2021

Included taxa:
G. arenaria (Greef, 1866) González-Miguéns et al., 2021
G. balari González-Miguéns et al., 2021
G. bathystoma (Deflandre, 1928) González-Miguéns et al., 2021
G. bufonipellita González-Miguéns et al., 2021
G. catinus (Penard, 1890) González-Miguéns et al., 2021
G. discoides (Ehrenberg, 1843) González-Miguéns et al., 2021
G. galeriformis González-Miguéns et al., 2021
G. naiadis González-Miguéns et al., 2021
G. polypora (Penard, 1890) González-Miguéns et al., 2021
G. sitiens González-Miguéns et al., 2021
G. succelli González-Miguéns et al., 2021

Literature: González-Miguéns, R., Soler-Zamora, C., Villar-Depablo, M., Todorov, M., Lara, E., 2021. Multiple convergences in the evolutionary history of the testate amoeba family Arcellidae (Amoebozoa: Arcellinida: Sphaerothecina): when the ecology rules the morphology. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society zlab074. https://doi.org/10.1093/zoolinnean/zlab074

Ferry Siemensma, created December 4, 2021; last modified December 04, 2021
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